Back yard wilderness - be gone!

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At 234 Clearance we offer a range of different services for your garden.  

  • Shed removal
  • Clearing junk from your garden
  • Removing plants and bushes
  • A general tidy up

Once we have cleared your garden, we also offer.

  • Flower planting
  • Laying of grass and gravel
shed removal Northampton

Shed removal


small shed       - 1 meter by 2m     -  £50

Medium shed   - 2 meter by 3m     -  £100

Large shed       - 3 meter by 5m     - £200


If you require us to transform your garden into something more manageable - fees are charged at £50 per hour. 

If your garden wants clearing and needs a shed removing - Please fill in the contacts pages and we will update our quote with no obligation.


Clearing junk from your garden / shed or garage is charged for by the amount of waste in skip size.


A small skip        £75    

2 cubic yards


A medium skip     £125    

4 cubic yards  


A large skip       £175       

6 cubic yards


XL SKIP               £200

8 cubic yards  



For any extra features such as flower planting or gravel / grass laying please ask for details.